Vinyl Siding Repair or Replacement in Olds Alberta

Hail damaged vinyl siding in olds Alberta

Does Your Exterior Siding need to be repaired?

Sometimes accidents happen like you leave your bbq too close to your vinyl siding, or you get too close as you are cutting the lawn and boom…. you have just damaged your siding. We have all done it but now we have to figure out who to call to get it repaired.

Other times it is out of your control and you get hit by hail. But you only have a couple holes that need to be replaced and it is not worth going through your insurance company.

Well you are in luck because that’s what we do. Contact us or give us a call or text us at 403 617 7282 and we will come out and meet with you, take some measurements and see if we can match up you siding. Sometime it is hard to find the same colours and profile as what you have because the siding manufacturers like to change things up every few years or so. But we will try to get as close as possible. Sometimes we have to remove siding from a inconspicuous place (like under the deck or back side of garage)and replace the damaged piece with that old one and put the new siding piece in its place.

Fascia blown off in the wind in Cochrane

Aluminum Soffit or Fascia Repair

Chinooks are a weather phenomenon that we are fortunate enough to have in in Olds or Sundre area. But with a chinook comes strong winds. Sometimes your siding or fascia will blow off with these winds. We have even seen seamless eavestrough blow off! If this happens to you, make sure to try and save the pieces as many times they will just have to be reinstalled. If they are damaged you will have to get new pieces installed.

Seamless Gutters, Soffit & Fascia
Seamless Gutters, Soffit & Fascia

Are your Seamless Eavestrough Leaking or need cleaning?

One of the most common repairs we do on gutters is re-caulk mitered corners. Over the years with expansion and contraction the old caulking just fails. Another common repair is to replace some downspouts after they have been damaged by hail or just beat up from years of wear and tear. Eavestrough also need yearly maintenance to keep the water flowing where it needs to go. So if you are leary or uncomfortable on a ladder let us clean your gutters for you. So if you need your eavestrough or downpipes repaired or cleaned give us a call at 403 617-7280

The process for repairing the exterior of your home.

Give us a call and we will come out and assess the damage and give you our recommendations on how to repair the damage without costing a arm and a leg. Once you decide on the option that works best for you we will drop you into the schedule and try to get your exterior repaired asap. So give Natalie a call today at 403 617-7280 to set up a appointment. You can also fill out the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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