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A first impression makes a difference and often is very had to reverse if it’s negative.
When selling your home, the first impression it makes on potential buyers directly relates
to its curb appeal. Curb appeal not only attracts buyer attention in person, but it makes a
home stand out online as well. Today, buyers typically begin their search online scrolling
through numerous listings and pictures of homes for sale. If your home lacks curb appeal
in its online listing pictures, you won’t even get potential buyers to come out and see it in
According to real estate professionals, “The reality is that many home buyers begin the
buying process online and, of those, over half will drive by a home they saw online. That
means that over half of your prospective home purchasers could make a decision on your
house by what they can see from the street.”

Curb Appeal

Key Elements of Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is absolutely paramount for hopeful home sellers. The elements of curb
appeal include, but are not limited to:
• Clean, attractive exterior materials: siding or Hardie board, windows, trim, front
• New siding and/or front door
• Mowed lawn, free of weeds
• Attractive landscaping
Home sellers should also consider the “little” touches that add to curb appeal. A new
kickplate on the front door helps hide unsightly scuffs and saves money if a door
replacement isn’t in the budget. Potted plants with pretty blooms add a pop of colour to a
front porch as do new cushions for outdoor furniture. If using mulch in a flower bed,
freshen it with new and be sure to pull any weeds.

Common Buyer Turn-Offs

Common home buyer turn-offs vary but usually include things like dirty or neglected
house exteriors and a surrounding yard that appears untended. If a home looks dirty or
damaged for from the outside, a buyer likely will think the same neglect is on the inside.
While cleaning the siding and windows can help, sometimes a home needs a new exterior
to give it a face lift and make it more marketable. The plan for home sellers is to make
everything look brand new, neat, and attractive for when a buyer pulls up to their
driveway or views their listing online.


Benefits of an Attractive Exterior

A home that has high curb appeal generally will sell for a higher price than a home that
appears neglected. While interior renovations, updates, and staging can impress potential
buyers, you have to first be able to get them into the house. A home with cracked,
missing, or even a faded exterior simply is not as attractive as one with a fresh, new
“face”. New vinyl siding reduces overall property maintenance and offers a good return
on investment for home sellers
Hardie board is another option when renovating the home’s exterior before selling. It’s
durable and engineered to withstand even the harshest elements including freezing
temperatures that last for weeks. Pair your new siding or Hardie board exterior with
properly installed fascia and soffit. Beyond finishing the look, it’ll offer the right air
circulation to your roof which can help reduce the risk for the formation of ice dams in
winter. New gutters or seamless eavestroughs complete the project to add value to the
home as well as essential curb appeal.
With an upgraded exterior, home sellers significantly increase the property’s curb appeal
and can impress potential buyers by standing out in the crowd. If you plan on selling
soon, take a good look at your home’s “face”. Each small flaw or repair that you can pick
out and replace or fix, the higher your chances are to sell quickly and at the price your
home deserves.

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