There are a number of styles of home today, but which one is right for a particular buyer? What do you market your home as? And why does the style of the home matter that much? These are all fair questions, and ones that don’t always have easy answers. Some buyers are very particular and want only a certain type of home style. Other buyers aren’t particular about the house style, and only want to buy a home they feel good about that is in their price range. With that in mind, here’s a brief explanation of the most popular and common home styles.

Types of Home Siding

Cape Cod

Cape Cods were very common when houses first started being built in North America. This kind of house can be recognized by its simple, square or rectangular shape. Houses that fall into the Cap Cod style are generally single story or a story and a half. Their gabled roofs are pitched steeply. They also usually have shutters, dormers, or both. They are seen a lot in standard, suburban developments, and many people like them because they are unassuming and not flashy—and it’s becoming more common to live a pared down lifestyle in a smaller place. Due to their simplicity, they are also often less expensive than some other styles of home.


These homes have tall windows that are often oddly shaped. They also generally have a mix of wall materials, such as brick, wood, and stone. Most of these homes were created between 1950 and 1970, and had either flat or gabled roofs. The gabled roofs often had exposed beams, as well. Homes of this type are traditionally only single story, and they try to incorporate some of the landscape into the overall look of the house. Contemporary homes are still around, but they are not usually built in this style today.


Wide front porches and low-slung roofs characterize the Craftsman style. These types of homes are elegant in their simplicity, and generally don’t have any type of ornamentation. They are designed to blend into nearly any landscape, which can allow them to work well in many different settings and locations. While the majority of these houses were built years ago, this style remains popular enough that these kinds of houses are still being built today. People like them because they are simple and easy to care for, and they look good no matter where they are built.


The modern Ranch home is based on a style that started in the 1930s. In the ’50s and ’60s, the Ranch home was the most popular type of style offered. It is a one-story design, with an attached garage and a pitched roof. The exterior walls are either brick or wood, and there are picture windows and sliding patio doors. These are great types of homes for people who don’t like climbing stairs, or who may not be able to go up and down between home levels like they used to. Ranch homes have everything on one level, and the attached garage makes it very convenient to get groceries and other things out of a vehicle and right into the house.

Split Level

By providing a multi-level alternative to the typical homes being built in the 1950s, the Split Level home gained popularity during that time. Today, many buyers still like them. They don’t have the flat, single level living that Ranch homes offer, but they also require a different level of stair climbing than standard two-story homes have. Typically, the bedrooms were above the garage, the midlevel area offered dining and living areas, and there was a TV room and other areas, as well. A number of different types of building materials were used to create these homes.


For people who are looking for elegance and grandeur in their homes, the Victorian style can be just the right choice. While these homes aren’t still being built today, many of them are around. Additionally, builders often use them as inspiration for some of the things they put into today’s homes, helping to keep the style popular. Spindles, brackets, fretwork, patterned shingles, and more are all a part of Victorian style.

What’s Your Style?

Everyone has their own preferences, and it may take seeing a few different kinds of homes before you can really pin down what it is you want. Working with an experienced agent can help you narrow down your search as you look for the perfect home—if you’re looking to sell, an agent can help you find a buyer that’s looking for a home just like yours!

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